The Founder

Alice Macpabro grew up in Paris, France, at the very core of the fashion capital.
Even though she can spend hour applying nail polish and makeup, young Alice has one obsession : clothes. At 12, she regularly practices her knitting, crocheting and sewing either by hand or with the machine…. Determined and passionate, she convinced her parents to let her join a fashion design school after she graduated from college. At the Atelier Chardon Savard, she learnt the basics of the fashion industry : manufacturing garments, designing a collection and harvesting inspiration from all trends and cultures.
In 2005, Alice joined L’Officiel de la Mode, the oldest French fashion magazine. Trewing herself headlong in the archives, she forged and refined her immoderate taste for the style à la française. As head of the International editions, she defended daily this very style, made according to her of a deep knowledge of the past, an utter respect of all savoir-faire and a mischievous mutiny. Each of her trips (from China to Colombia, Russia to Singapore and more) is an occasion to sharpen her eye and enrich her vision with all influences from the most conspicuous the most minimalistic.
But the initiation is not quite over yet : in 2016 she graduated in International Business at ESSEC Business School. That gives her time to take a step back an think on what she really wants and more seriously consider making a life of what has remained an invasive hobby : Clothes.
Sur-mesure is a foregone conclusion to her : it is the only way to truly offer clothes that are respectful to both its wearer and its maker.
After a brief mission at L’Express magazine, she decided to launch her eponymous brand in direct line with her believes.


We make clothes inspired by those who wear them : you.

Each of you is unique and that’s why we only offer unique made to measure pieces, developed by women and aimed at women. With our bespoke experience, no fitting anxiety, no compulsive purshasing, no fashion diktat : we focus on making sure your pieces are perfectly adapted to your needs. Our mission is to accompany you and build together a signature wardrobe that is uniquely and significantly yours.

For us, Bespoke is synonymous of quality, our core value : cut to perfection, finely crafted with precious fabrics, we lay out all our savoir-faire to make sure your garments stand the test of time.

Thanks to Bespoke, you can finally get the best of feminism and feminity through a range of timeless models, that you can mix and match infinitely and grant you an impeccable silhouette.

Because we are convinced that your look is your best secret weapon, if you know how to use it.
Just dare and be exceptional every day.