Made To Measure

Timeless design, elevating cuts, precious fabrics… all that defines the Bespoke experience : your way to finally achieving your ideal wardrobe.We have conceived this wardrobe like you choose a partner : someone to protect and reassure you but also to support you in seducing and eventually conquering your world.
Our bespoke pieces are unique and made on demand to accompany you on your daily journey.
Contrary to popular belief, it is not the measurements that matter : the secret to perfect fit is ones allure, the way she stands, she talks, she moves… all those little details that makes each of us unique and that only Bespoke can elevate.
Thanks to Bespoke, we bare no stock. In a society where nothing is made to last, choosing Bespoke is a true commitment to go beyond the compulsion of immediacy. This choice also defends a certain idea of luxury : the priceless value of handwork and the reverence for an expertise that time only can secure.


The appointment is the first step to shaping your ultimate wardrobe : leaving all judgments behind, we are fully dedicated to listen, understand and guide you.
For some of you, this appointment is a moment of intimate reconnection : indulge and share openly on your tastes or simply update your style. For others, it will all be about discovering and exploring your assets, lifestyle and preferences to create your own personal style.
We designed this appointment as a creative journey : dive into our library of shapes, colours and fabrics and create your unique and distinctive piece.
It is only after you have shaped and clearly defined this piece that we collect your measurements and proceed to a fitting. Essential to capturing your specific allure, the fitting cloth is also key in ensuring ultimate comfort.
Book your appointment online and we will receive you in our petit salon located rue de Saint Quentin, Paris.

Savoir Faire

When almost everything is possible, we are here to guide you and elaborate your ultimate wardrobe.
As Mr de Givenchy said : “It all starts with the fabric” : sensual fine wools, either sober of fanciful tweeds, fluid silks that softly brush your skin, iridescent jacquard… Our library of fabric is carefully selected among the most renowned weavers in the world to guarantee you the utmost quality and longevity. We continuously update and enrich our selection to offer you a range of reference from the most classic to the most sophisticated.
Our vision of the style “à la française” is very clear : the better you master the rules, the more you are free to play with them and this vision infuses all our creations. We cultivate our fine knowledge of fashion and trends to shape a collection of designs that we renew regularly. Either basics or elaborated, we conceive all our design in Paris keeping close attention to details. If you wish to elaborate you own design, we are more than happy to work together and make your dream come to life.
Passionate workers carefully manufacture each garment, pouring all their savoir-faire and expertise at your service.